In response to growing concerns and uncertainty regarding COVID-19, Coronavirus, the upcoming Insight event scheduled to take place in April in Kelowna is being postponed. This page will be updated once the event has been rescheduled. If you have purchased a ticket or have questions, please contact
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2020. A new decade. Ready to make it the best you’ve ever had? Ready to be inspired? Challenged? Motivated? Astounded? Join Todd Campbell at Insight - a new, powerful, three-day experiential learning experience built on over 20-years and thousands of hours of development. We’ve raised the bar on what personal development is. Unlock who you always knew you could be.

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Meet Todd Campbell
For over 18-years, Todd has toured the world with some of the biggest names in personal development - changing lives, vaulting roadblocks, and helping students truly tap into their unique and unlimited potential. Successful businessman, cancer survivor, and proud father, Todd’s ability to inspire and challenge with compassion and energy makes him one of the most sought after speakers and coaches in the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend time with Todd at his most powerful event yet.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Insight?

Insight has been thoughtfully designed to be a life changing experience that is transformative by nature in its very design. Participants will undergo a three day experiential journey to uncover the gaps in their communication and influence in all relationships, both personal and professional, as well as have the opportunity to gain an objective view of areas where they are still not stepping into the full responsibility of their results or the power they really have in order to approach their life with new tools and strategies of self.  
What will I experience there?

Takeaways include:

*Better techniques for stress management 
*Better solution orientation 
*Better life balance strategies 
*Clearer definition of personal strengths and leverage components 
*Truer sense of self 
*More self confidence 
*Clearer vision of success 
*Getting out of victim mentality 
*More effective communication 
*Deeper understanding of cognitive framing 
*Higher application of the law of attraction 
*Moving through past and current conflicts faster and with less emotional baggage 
*Extending all results in their professional and personal realms
Does my ticket include travel, accommodations, food, etc.?

Ticket price includes all three days of the event, all printed materials and the right to re-audit the class for a nominal fee anytime and anywhere the event is held again in the future. All travel, lodging and meals are the participant’s responsibilities and are not included in the ticket price.
How can this class help my spouse, partner, employees or team?

This class is for every one who wants MORE! More understanding of self, More leverage, More satisfaction, More meaningful and powerful self expression, More drive, More clarity, More success in every area of life! 
What is the cancellation policy if I can't attend?

Insight has an unconditional money back guarantee. Once you have attended the class in its entirety, if you are not completely satisfied, you may receive a refund of your full purchase amount. If you pay and are unable to attend a specific class or date, your monies will transfer to the next available class, for up to one year. Unused seats are non-refundable, however are transferable. 
How does this event compare to other events Todd has previously facilitated?

Insight is similar in nature to previous three day classes that Todd has facilitated and produced, however he has taken all that has been learned and has updated several areas of the experience to be even more impactful and leverageable for immediate results. For this reason, anyone who took Todd's past three day classes will have the opportunity to reaudit INSIGHT for free in order to refresh and even extend the previous value created…and the new participants are in for an amazing ride!
Want To Re-Audit For FREE?
If you’ve attended one of Todd’s previous three-day or advanced classes, we’d love to have you back. Bring a paying guest and your ticket is on us. Apply for more details.
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